Neo Marine



In order for you to feel reassured and confident while leaving your boat, Neo Marine offers an oversight service for your docked alongside quay, buoy moored, or dry stored boat, in Le Marin and La Rochelle.

While you are gone, the Neo Marine crew shows up regularly on board your craft to :

– Check its general and mooring conditions
– Open and ventilate it
– Run and visual check your engine(s), power generator and watermaker in order to make sure of their good operating conditions
– Check battery levels
– Check your dinghy/tender’s secure position and its outboard engine

Depending on your insurance policy conditions, we also prepare your boat in the event of a cyclone weather alert in the West Indies.

Our team keeps you informed regularly and updates you on your boat’s condition. Our team also carries out and helps you with your insurance procedures in the very rare case of theft or damage.

In order to offer you a comprehensive service, Neo Marine also provides you with storage options for your boat – in-water or dry – as well as for your equipment. Please feel free to contact us if you need further information.

Other services

Preparation and training
equipment installation